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HOPE’s academic model includes both whole group and small group instruction which ensures that each child’s instructional needs are met.

  • Curricular programs and materials are chosen based on the Wisconsin state learning standards for each grade level, the results of scientific research supporting the effectiveness of the program/curriculum, and the quality of the activities and lessons in which students will engage.
  • In addition to whole group and small group instruction, students also work at their own pace on the following online platforms: Zearn for math and Lexia for reading. Students are able to access Zearn and Lexia both at school and at home, so they can continuously challenge themselves and grow academically.


Students take several assessments throughout the school year. Teachers use the data provided by these assessments to evaluate their students’ academic progress and plan for instruction to meet their needs. Students take the NWEA MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) assessments three times per year and the STEP (Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress) assessments four times per year. Teacher data days are built  into the school calendar during which teachers analyze the results of the assessments and plan for instruction for the upcoming quarter.