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Greetings HOPE Christian Schools-Caritas Families!!!

Welcome!  We are EXCITED that you are returning or joining our HOPE Christian Schools – Caritas family, where we strive to continue to groom our young scholars into responsible, God-fearing young men and women who are ready to succeed at every level! 

When you visit HOPE Christian Schools - Caritas, we hope you see the joy and happiness with which we work, while holding high academic and behavioral expectations for all of our scholars.  Our mission is three-fold and we stand firm on it:  CHRIST: We are a CHRISTIAN school and believe in helping our scholars learn about and believe in Jesus’ perfect love for them!  College: We prepare our scholars for COLLEGE and beyond!  Character: We work hard to develop strong CHARACTER within each of our scholars!

First and foremost, we cannot stress enough that we are a Christian school.  This manifests itself in our sincere gospel focus, which is reflected in our approach to student behavior and the love we model as Christian educators.  God loved us enough to send his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us; out of thankfulness, we, in turn, love one another as a reflection of God’s love for us.  The Christian foundation of our school, with Christian values taught at home, serve as a powerful foundation within the hearts and minds of our children. We are committed to building character in each of our scholars of which our parents, families, and community can be extremely proud. 

Secondly, our academic program is intensely focused on preparing scholars for college.  We sincerely believe in our scholars and their amazing potential!  We are proud to announce that for the past two years, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction school report card issued to HOPE Caritas was 5-STAR!!!  This means we have been closing the gaps found in Urban Education and making the necessary progress to continue to prepare our scholars for their next level.  We push our scholars to push themselves academically in preparation for success beyond high school.  We know this past year brought a number of challenges, many out of our control.  Because of this, we must work even harder this school year to regain lost ground.  We will continue to develop servant leaders—young people who seek to create positive change in their lives and in the communities around them. We will continue to build the leaders who will one day run our schools and our nation!

Finally, while school and work should be enjoyable, we are dedicated to the success of every student and work extremely hard to ensure each and every one of our scholars will be successful.  Scholars and parents must be committed to this level of intensity.  This year, we are returning to a school theme focused on “212 degrees...the EXTRA degree”.  Our HOPE Caritas team will stop at nothing to ensure every student rises to meet and exceed our high expectations.  We will go the EXTRA DEGREE in EVERYTHING we do!  When our parents and scholars share this same commitment, there is no limit to what we can achieve by working together under God’s guidance.  Your commitment is essential in this rigorous and challenging adventure toward excellence through Christ, our focus on College, and our dedication to building strong Character.  We look forward to partnering with you in this exciting process and appreciate your commitment to allowing HOPE Caritas staff to educate your scholar!

Praying God’s Continued Blessings,

Mrs. Deniece Fields Russell, M.Ed. - Principal, HOPE Caritas