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Welcome to HOPE Caritas, the Cougar Family! I am honored that your family is considering joining our team and family. The Word for Caritas is “Acceleration!” Acceleration is constant speed and rapid growth. God is doing just that within our school. Our focus is teacher effectiveness, student achievement, and parent engagement. We are looking forward to working with you and impacting our scholars' lives for the Kingdom!

We believe that this work takes a unified team, and we're looking forward to partnering with you as we continue to grow our staff and scholars. We deliver Christ, College, and Character to our scholars every single day. Christ is placed first: in our interactions, studies, and events! We value the relationships and growth of all staff, scholars, and parents. 

We know that education and character change lives; while the Word of God impacts eternities. Caritas stands for love and charity. Come visit and join a school that displays the warm love of God. You can expect to see a strong school of prayer, rigorous teaching, and learning anointed and engaging instruction, and scholars who are confident in sharing their God-given wisdom. 

We love you and your scholar! Let us know how we can partner with you to make our school accelerate. 


Mrs. Medina, HOPE Caritas Principal